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Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates, as an extension of your Physiotherapy treatment, can take your rehabilitation that one step further. Strengthening key postural muscles is often the solution to neck and back pain afflicting many individuals. Clinical Pilates within a Physiotherapy environment can offer you these benefits:

  • Continuity of home program exercises with follow-up and compliance checks
  • On-site immediate physiotherapy input and assistance if required
  • Liaison between Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist resulting in consistent exercise prescription and compliance
  • The Pilates philosophy of Core Control fits perfectly with the current medical research into musculoskeletal stability
  • The exercise program is designed according to the patients injury and stage of rehabilitation

We also have a regular Pilates class timetable
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With consistency and commitment you can achieve real results from a Pilates regime.

  • Rehabilitate current and old injuries and prevent new ones from occurring
  • Strengthens deep postural musculature. You’ll feel better, stronger and more in control
  • Breathing techniques energise rather than leave you feeling exhausted
  • Controlled and focused movements strengthen and elongate muscles, leaving you feeling taller with a more graceful posture
  • Pilates, like Yoga, T’ai Chi and other mind-body disciplines, offers stress relief and enhances self-awareness – important within today’s hectic lifestyle.


We have expanded the studio - check it out:

Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio


All our instructors are Polestar Pilates trained. Polestar Education is an International Pilates training program providing a comprehensive Pilates evolved Rehabilitation and Fitness curriculum for over 15 years. Our Physiotherapists have thoroughly screened and endorsed this method to ensure it meets our high standards of rehabilitation. Our Pilates staff regularly attend courses and conferences to continually advance their knowledge.


Small group classes are available once you have completed between 6 and 10 individual sessions (depending on ability). These are circuit style classes using all of the traditional Pilates equipment: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel and Mat. Participants follow individual programs and work at their own pace with their own prescribed exercises.


All clients wishing to begin a Pilates program, are required to make an appointment with a Physiotherapist unless they have received recent physiotherapy treatment at this clinic.

The purpose of this half hour session is to screen the client for potential musculoskeletal issues. This will enable the safe teaching of the Pilates method by the Instructor.

To find out more about clinical pilates or to book an appointment please phone a Forrest Hill Physiotherapy receptionist on (09) 410 8461, fill out an online enquiry or email